With Zeal

This work for viola and piano was commissioned by Christopher Cartlidge for performance in the recital stage of the finals of the ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards. Christopher’s performance won the Best Performance of an Australian Work award.

So far this is the only time I’ve written a piece using entirely semiquaver time signatures- beginning in a frankly obnoxious 11/16 but with regular visits to 9/16, 7/16 and 5/16. While I’ve always liked things in 5s and 7s, I’m not sure why I inflicted a division of semiquavers- with all the black printing on the page that entails- on Chris and his valiant accompanist, Louisa Breen. It is an unabashed showpiece- a toccata for the viola with an often bouncy, precise accompaniment in the piano.

First performed 29 October 2015 by Christopher and Louisa Breen at the Hobart Town Hall, Tasmania. Broadcast on ABC Classic FM 29 October 2015.

Christopher Cartlidge, viola, and Louisa Breen, piano. Recorded 9 December 2015.