Sarah Day Songs

This is a long-term, ongoing project of setting a series of poems by the Tasmanian poet Sarah Day for voice. The poems have been drawn from her collection Tempo, which explores the passing of time. I have been particularly drawn to the poems where prosaic, everyday objects take on a greater significance. Each song has a duration from 2’30”-4′

Text used with the permission of Puncher & Wattmann.

For voice and ensemble:
Dawn, Mower, River Fisher, New Year’s Eve, Cows at Night
First performed 13 October 2019, at Temperance Hall, Melbourne by Ensemble Goldentree.

For voice and piano:
Dawn, Mower

First performed 5 September 2018, at the Sydney Conservatorium by Timothy Nunn (baritone) and Su Choung (piano).

Program note for Dawn and Mower:
In Sarah Day’s collection of poems Tempo she explores the passage of time. In these two songs, prosaic everyday objects take on a great significance. In Dawn, the sun illuminates found household objects, while the accompanying piano part nods to the classical music trope of rising fifths to accompany a rising sun. In Mower, the poem reflects on the seasonal changes of grass while indulging in some playful imagery concerning a truck and a mower, before a tranquil soliloquy on the act of mowing itself.