Rikki-Tikki’s Exotic Dance

Four harps or seven harps (Duration 4′)
First performed 14 March 2008 in the seven harp version by the Seven Harp Ensemble, led by Alice Giles, School of Music, Australian National University, Canberra. Four harp version first performed 7 May 2017 by Highly Strung Ensemble,  led by Alice Giles, Kangaroo Valley Hall, Kangaroo Valley.

Program Note

In 2002, I participated in my first National Music Camp as part of the composition program. During the two weeks in Canberra, we had a tutorial on writing for harp. As there were four harps, we then went off and wrote harp quartets- which I subsequently did and handed over to Alice Giles, that year’s harp tutor. Five years later, I was living in Washington DC when to great astonishment Alice got in touch, and asked if I would rearrange the piece for seven harps, and Rikki-Tikki’s Exotic Dance re-entered the world in the repertoire of the Seven Harp Ensemble.  It has subsequently been my most performed piece, performed in various locations around Australia and in live broadcast, to which I’m forever grateful to Alice.