Orchestra (duration c. 7’30”).
First performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Brett Kelly, as part of the Symphony Services/TSO Composers School on 2 July 2015 in the TSO Studio, Hobart, Tasmania.

Program Note
Komorebi originated in a popularly shared internet listicle that regularly does the rounds, a list of ‘untranslatable’ words. More accurately, they are words that are translatable but do not have a direct English equivalent. In this case, ‘komorebi’ is a Japanese word that refers to the dappling of light through trees. There is nothing particularly Japanese about the piece, nor is it particularly arboreal, but I was attracted to the idea of flickering, and also the melancholy that can descend during the late afternoon of a cold day.

Fl, Fl/Picc, Ob, CA, Cl, Bcl, 2 Bsn, 4 Hn, 2 Tpt, 2 Tbn, BTbn, Tba, Timp, Perc, Hp, Strings.
Percussion (1 player): Bass Drum, Finger Cymbals, Glockenspiel, Tambourine, Tubular Bells (D & F#).

Workshop recording made 2 July 2015. Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, cond. Brett Kelly.