Five Scenes

Wind quintet (duration c.12″).
First performed by Arcadia Winds on 30 October 2018, at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Program Note
Five Scenes is a series of interconnected narrative vignettes. The odd numbered scenes play with musical tropes- the first scene takes on the character of a slightly wonky moto perpetuo; in the third, Classical evocations of hunting music have shifting alliances and allegiances between instruments as they form a murderous pack to eventually destroy the brassy interloper. Interspersed, the two even numbered scenes carry a more abstract narrative explored first in a duo, then in a trio. Finally, the fifth and final scene is musical tourism- my interpretation in Sydney of American prairie music in the style of ‘Spanish’ music written in Paris or, earlier, ‘Turkish’ music written in Vienna.

This work, with video and additional resources, is represented in Arcadia Winds’ WindStreams: The Australian Wind Music Portal and is available for sale.

Performed by Arcadia Winds. Recording by ABC Classic FM 2018, Chris Lawson (engineer) and Jennifer Mills (producer).