Love Songs and Interludes

Oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, voice and piano (duration c. 9’30”)
First performed 15 November 2016, at the Sydney Conservatorium.
Eve Osborn (Oboe), Rachel Thompson (Clarinet), Jason Li (Saxophone), Alison Wormell (Bassoon),  Bronte Forrester (Voice), Pavle Cejic (Piano)

I- Infatuation. Text by Lee Timberlake (1921)
II- Hornpipe (Trio)
III- The Gallant Schemer’s Petition to the Honourable Mrs F. Text by Anon. (1731)
IV- Minuet
V- At Refuge. Text by Lee Timberlake (1921)

Program Note
Love Songs and Interludes
is a suite of three erotic poems connected by two instrumental miniatures. The outer two movements, Infatuation and At Refuge,  use poems by Lee Timberlake, written in the 1920s. Timberlake is a mysterious figure- his (or her) only online record are these two poems, both of which have a slightly cool and sparse style. By contrast, the central song is a bawdy drinking song from 1731 which, as a sexual entreaty to a married woman, is anonymous (The Gallant Schemer’s Petition to the Honourable Mrs F.). Finding the original musical setting too staid for my taste, my setting is more rollicking and rowdy. Playing the strings of the piano like a lyre, ornaments and flirtations with polytonality aim for a wonky village band feel, which seemingly moves on to the next pub as the players are instructed to fade out, independently and in their own time.

Moving in and out of the Timberlake world into the bawdiness of the 18th century was a challenge. My approach was the two interludes- a Hornpipe trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon; and a Minuet for piano alone. The Hornpipe takes material from Infatuation and ‘perks it up’ to frame the raucous schemer’s petition; while the Minuet pre-empts material from At Refuge to return to the more tranquil soundworld of the Timberlake poems.

IV- Minuet. Performed by Pavle Cejic.