A Visit to Bolero Land

Ravel’s Bolero– a piece which deserves the nomenclature of iconic- has a very important role to play in my life. It’s a piece which makes most musicians roll their eyes- overexposed, boring to play, become a cliche, not again. I refuse to be among those musicians! For I will defend Bolero with knives. With. Knives.… Read More A Visit to Bolero Land

Ian Goes to a Concert

I am a fundamentally lazy person. I quite enjoy being busy, but getting started, the effort involved in actually putting myself into gear, is something I go to monumental efforts to avoid. I once saw a fleeting exchange with Cher on TV and she described herself as a ‘lazy person who works very hard’ and… Read More Ian Goes to a Concert

Australian works in 2017: The rankings

It’s the most glorious time of the year! I’ve been a-counting and a-gnashing! And with it, I begin the task of considering Australian content in the seasons of our major music organisations. The count is from season publicity- ie the publicly available brochure- so typically doesn’t include education and other outreach programs which often aren’t… Read More Australian works in 2017: The rankings